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Sleeping Beauty

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The story unfolds in a magical kingdom, where the birth of Princess Aurora brings joy and celebration. However, the wicked fairy Carabosse, enraged at not being invited to the royal festivities, casts a malevolent spell on the newborn princess. As a result, Aurora pricks her finger on a spindle and falls into a deep, enchanted sleep, with only true love's kiss capable of awakening her.

Enter the lovable and bumbling fairy-tale characters, including the dashing Prince Florimund, the comedic duo of Muddles and Dame Dyspepsia, and the good fairy. As they embark on a quest to break the curse, the audience is taken on a rollercoaster ride of laughter, suspense, and heartwarming moments.

The production boasts a spectacular set design, dazzling costumes, and a score that weaves together classic melodies and contemporary tunes. 

Throughout the show, the cast interacts with the audience, inviting children and adults alike to participate in the magical world of "Sleeping Beauty." With slapstick humor, witty dialogue, and a touch of pantomime tradition, the production creates an immersive experience for all ages.

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